Naaday Ali Surgical is a family owned business which is located in Pasrur, Sialkot. It was called 'Factory' by the locals in 1960s untill it was officially registered. Ms. Farzana Ijaz Hussain is the current CEO of the company & her descendents Mr. Syed Ali Munasil (General Manager) & Mr. Syed Wasil Mustanir (Marketing Manager) are leading this company at the current time. 

We always work as a team. We take great pride in the extensive range of over 8,000 quality instruments that we offer in a multitude of disciplines. Our dedicated R&D department has acclaimed many golden feathers in their hat by modifying, designing and manufacturing complex instruments according to surgeon's requirements. Even more importantly, we have a very significant policy of effective ‘service after sales' to the satisfaction of our entire clients. Your satisfaction is our motto!


"NAADAY ALI SURGICAL Brings Modern Technology For Your Medical Needs"